The College for all Act dedicates more than $3 billion exclusively to student aid by taxing the inheritances of the wealthiest 0.2% of California’s families. It would cover undergraduate tuition for all Californians enrolled in the California Community College, California State University, and University of California systems while also increasing living expense aid for working class students.

Will we prioritize the education of 2,600,000 Californians enrolled in our public colleges or the inheritances of the wealthiest 4,000 families!

Will we continue to provide luxury yachts for the few, or will we provide College for All!

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This is our chance to bring free college education to every person in California.
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Washington's Attorney General has proposed a student loan advocate "who would field complaints from loan borrowers, help them understand their loans and compile data on loans." Advocates are one way to fight back; tuition-free #CollegeForAll is another.

#StudentLoans don't just affect young people. Their parents and grandparents are also increasingly taking out loans to help them pay for school — $66.7 billion dollars worth as of 2015. It doesn't have to be this way. #TaxTheRich. Get #CollegeForAll.

#StudentLoans giving you a heckin' bad time? You're not alone, doggo. Instead of sentencing lower-class and first-generation students to a lifetime of debt, we could #TaxTheRich and provide tuition-free #CollegeForAll for California residents. Very wow.

The California Master Plan was meant to bolster economic mobility by ensuring access & affordability in our public #HigherEd institutions. College leaders say more state funding will be needed to maintain this promise. That's what #CollegeForAll is for.

Hey #Millennials, you're good at murdering stuff, right? Let's kill tuition at state colleges for California residents!

#TaxTheRich. Get #CollegeForAll.

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